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Vvital Biomed: Setting a new standard for long-term Mitral Valve Repair

One procedure that leverages two repair techniques: Posterior Leaflet Repair and Annuloplasty Effect

Huge Market Opportunity

  • MR is a life threatening condition.

  • Nearly 50% of MR patients are not surgical candidates for the gold-standard treatment, open-heart surgery,due to age, frailty, and comorbidities.

  • The market is moving towards  transcatheter procedures, preferring valve repair over replacement. 

  • MR is a huge unserved market which growing rapidly due to increase in life expectancy: 

    • In the U.S and E.U. alone, >4 million people suffer from moderate to severe MR.

    • The transcatheter mitral repair procedures market is estimated to reach US$ 1.8 million by 2023.
  • Minimizing invasiveness of MR repair will allow high-risk patients to be treated more safely.

Vvital is dedicated to improving the long-term stability of Transcatheter Mitral valve repair.

Vvital developed the VLR system providing Valve Leaflet Repair with an  Annuloplasty Effect in one procedure. The unique combination, up to now present only in surgical procedures, is a true game changer in Transcatheter MR treatment. 

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