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Vvital Biomed - setting a new standard for long-term Mitral Valve Repair

​The Vvital's novel transcatheter mitral valve posterior leaflet Repair solution (VLR) is based on the gold standard open-heart surgical principle known as the posterior leaflet repair. During the procedure a unique flexible implant is deployed on top of the mitral valve, and attached to the valve leaflets.

The implant covers the posterior leaflet, restores the native valve coaptation, and stops the leakage.


The implant maintains the valve’s dimensions and prevents future valve dilation and MR recurrence  (Annuloplasty effect).

The VLR provides both Mitral Leaflet Repair and Annuloplasty Effect in one procedure.

The VLR solution:
Transcatheter solution (TMVRr) for Mitral valve Regurgitation (MR) treatment 

VLR Benefits

•   Treats Mitral regurgitation (MR)
•   Prevents future valve dilation and recurrent MR (Annuloplasty Effect)
•   Applicable for 95% of MR patients (primary and secondary MR)
•   Minimal trauma to the native valve
•   Procedure performed with fully beating heart 

3D Echo image of the implanted device

3D Echo image of the implanted device

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